Specifics on my Last Poem

The Poem does have some of my own thoughts, but it’s mainly to embody the thoughts and feelings of three new characters I’m working on. They are: Stanley “Stan” Whitley, Michael Dipperson, and Sarah Mable. The last poem (Thoughts of a Tumultuous Poet), needs explanation, and, as such, that is my fault. However, these three characters are going to be featured in the first book I ever submit to a publisher. More details to follow.

Best regards,
Davis Gwynn

Thoughts of a Tumultuous Poet

I can’t decide if I want all of you to burn or just some of you.

You take no pride in yourself.

I think you should be quiet for all that comes put of your mouth is a lie.

What happened to us?

Don’t look me in the eyes and then not say something.

Don’t just scurry past me like I’m your worst fear.

It’s a nice day out. Shame I have to spend it indoors working.

I’d much rather be writing than dealing with you pretentious pricks.

Fuck you, fuck this, and fuck me for putting up with you.

Oh god I’m sorry for getting angry even though you act like a child.

What story must I rewrite to have him fuck off into oblivion?

Me? Harsh and crass? Impossible.

After this I swear to whatever higher being there may be, I’m moving to an island and becoming a hermit; Salinger had the right idea.

Everytime I see your face, I die a little on the inside.

Is there any light that hasn’t been corrupted by us as a species?

And in the fierce fiend of a distempered dream, the poet awoke from his long dreamt nightmare, terror and fear holding providence in his mind.

Soon, Stephen King, you’ll know my name.

How is it that I, someone who loves and respects everyone equally, could absolutley hate everyone at the same time.

How is it that one person could make me love the world so much?

They wonder why I hide my face from everyone and everything.

I will rewrite this story! I will change how things turned out.

Silence is golden and those who keep it are even better.

I keep to myself? Well of course, how do I know I can trust any of you?

I’m a tad paranoid.

I’m a bit of a hypocrite.

I’m a bit of a fool.

Look into my fierce eyes and see the truth.

Just let me sit here amongst my broken memories and tears and let me write.


You’ve left, and I can feel my heartbreaking.

Your scent lingers in the air still, and it seduces me with memories.

I can still feel your head on my chest, your lips on mine, and your hand entwined in mine.

My arms feel empty without you in them, and I can feel my heart sinking.

I’d give everything up just to keep you here with me forever.

But, in my heart of hearts, I know that in the future we’ll have all the time in the world to grow old.

Wisdom has been imparted to me and I shall never let her go.

I’m Always Crying Over Something

I wanted to make a really cynical post about people doubling back on their word, but I starting missing my father too much. Also, it’s kind of difficult to write when you’re crying.

Sometimes, friends, life just sucks, but I guess we all have to get through it somehow.

At any rate, be well, everyone.



When I was younger and less occupied, I used to coach and do Tae Kwon Do, the Korean Martial Art. It was a passion of mine (my nickname was Y Ddraig Goch: The Red Dragon, a source of great pride in Wales). These two smaller Senior Red Belts around 10 and 12 years old were arguing who would win in a sparring match.

One boasted, “I’d win cause I’m older and stronger.” Instantly, I felt a life lesson coming on. I walked over, handed them pads, and made them spar. Both I and one of my friends kept score: 10 points to the 10 year old and 4 to the 12 year old.

The 12 year old was beside himself with frustration and shouted that we had kept score wrong. I took him aside and said, “Strength is not just about being older. None of us have any doubt that you can do more push-ups than him, but strength is a collaborative thing. It takes a certain mentality, a strength of heart, courage, and, of course, physical prowess as well as skill.” (Now of course it wasn’t this profound. I’m elevating the language because you’re all educated folk)

In order to truly to be strong, train not just your body but your mind and heart as well.

Be well, friends.

An Inspirational Message from an Uninspired Man,
Davis Gwynn


There’s a song by Hi-Rez the rapper (this is the only rap song I listen to because I like the lyrics), and he says in the chorus, “if only there was a place, if you could just see my face; y’all would see I’m smiling.” I thought about this line for a long time because, to me, it makes me remember the days of having to put on a smile and a facade so people wouldn’t ask me about how I felt.

When they saw my face, I was smiling. Do I regret not opening up and revealing how I felt? Immensely. I had a mental breakdown around Sophomore year thanks to all the things I had bottled up and shove down. My advice to you is pick someone you’ve known for a long time, someone who knows you. Someone you trust. If you can do that, reveal your feelings.

Contrary to what I thought, it doesn’t make you strong to bottle your emotions up. Ultimately, all of that will tear you down. So, what am I saying? I’m saying don’t let that smile be fake.

Word up,
Davis Gwynn


Well we’ve come a long way since we started haven’t we? I’ve done so many of these that my speeches are starting to sound the same! In all honesty, I’m glad for that. So I think it’s time I share with all of you my goal; I aim to be hailed as the King of Words, a man saluted by all as a true master of the English language.

Although it might be ambitious, it is my ultimate goal. So, all of you, stand by me as we rise to the throne. It’s going to be a hard ride, but it’ll be worth it.