Serial Killer

We’re not so different.
You and I.

You just paint me as a monster.

But what am I really? Other than human.

Just because I’m different doesn’t mean I deserve this.

You’d do what I do.
If only you know what a rush it gives you.

Death is a part of life.

And I swiftly bring the inevitable.

Not a sociopath. Not a psychopath. Not a monster.
Just a human.

Something worth devoting nightmares to.

The Zodiac’s Call

The phone rang several times, and all of the officers looked at each other, not willing to pick it up. Finally, a detective stood up, grumbling under his breath and set the phone to speaker.

“Hello? Hello,”  a voice spoke out from the phone, low and crackling with interference.

“Who is this,” Officer Jason asked hesitantly.

“Oh! Hello! Haha, I wasn’t expecting anyone to pick up. This is The Black Puppet speaking. Uh, but you might know me as Zodiac as well.”

A murmur went through the office, as the multitude of officers and detectives whispered among themselves.

“Yes, Zodiac. You know the one, well, haha, hopefully! I’d be awfully disappointed if you forgot…”

“What the hell do you want,” Jason interjected forcefully.

Zodiac responded harshly and quickly, “It’s extremely rude to interrupt! I’m assuming you want my motives, my ideas, my reasoning, yea? Well I’ll lay it out for you, as simply as I can. Man is The Most Dangerous Game. More exhilarating and eventful to hunt than any game you could imagine! It gives one such a rush; it’s something indescribable. Think of it as one long, beautiful adrenaline boost. What truly intrigues me most, pigs, is that if you opened your eyes and minds, you’d see that what I was doing isn’t wrong. Without your damn laws, no one would know what I do is morally corrupt. Here’s the truth that you’re all too frightened to accept: everyone wants to kill, but because of people like you, everyone is too afraid to accept their nature,” Zodiac yelled into the phone.

He breathed heavily for a moment then continued, “You’ll have to excuse me. I get worked up sometimes. I’m just astounded. It takes less time for me to SLAUGHTER THREE PEOPLE, clean up the evidence, and leave the scene than it does for you to trace this call. For you to figure out who I am. I mean, you’ve been hunting me for god knows how long. And it doesn’t please us.”

“What the fuck do you mean us,” Detective Lawson yelled into the phone, “how many of you are there?!”

There was silence for a moment, then Zodiac began to laugh. It was a laugh that seemed to take on many voices fluctuating between high and low, melodic and maniacal.

Then he spoke again, “you know them, officers. And they know you. I doubt they’ll have a problem with me telling you their names. You see, with me are John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy.”

There was disbelief in the office. Ted Bundy? Gacy? Dahmer? They were all dead and gone, locked up for their crimes. It couldn’t be possible.

“We’ll see each other soon, pigs. I’m a bit disappointed from this mainly one sided conversation. The next time I call, I expect you to be ready with questions. Don’t you want to get to know me,” Zodiac giggled. The phone went dead.

Corrupted Memory

Many scientists, theorists, and religious zealots alike have tried to unlock the mystery of the soul.

Some say it does not exist; that it is a representation of our wish that we may live on forever.

Others still argue that a soul exists in each person, and, without it, humans would just be shells without thought and emotion.

Yet, there has been one theory that has withstood the test of time: man, machine, animal, and plant all share one life force.

This could mean our souls could transfer from one life to the other: from plant to animal to machine and finally back to us.

But they were wrong.

Consciousness can be transferred to a new host, but your soul is left behind. Eventually, all your memories fade into blurry spots. Eventually, your identity hazes away into obscurity.

You lose all sense of purpose.

You lose all sense of time.

You’ve lost yourself.

Without that one component, you’re left to rot in the body your mind inhabits, constantly craving the body your soul resides in.

That is madness.

It Felt Too Real

I woke up in that old school. Everyone was there, moving like nothing had happened.

I smiled, tears streaming down my face. Because there you were! Amidst perfection, you stood, smiling at me.

Waving to you, you ran over to me. And you spoke. I could hear your voice as clear as day.

And the tears came down harder.

You asked why I was crying and I responded, because you’re dead.

I never thought a ghost could be so practical and real. But you held me tighter as if you understood.

You whispered it wasn’t my fault.

I had you even if it was just for one night.

And I woke for real.

I woke amongst the blood and corpses of them all. I saw your face in the mass of bodies, eyes closed.

And pain hit my heart.

The Three Heretics

It is told through ancient scripts and tongue passed stories, that three men betrayed God.

Though their names are long forgotten, we call them Gwyth, Falch, and Cen.

Gwyth was a man of an insane anger, known for his attacks on priests.

Those who knew the sly Falch were very well aware of his ever growing pride. Yet none knew what he could ever be proud of.

Then there was Cen. Cen knew of the world and its ways, and some suspected he had discovered what lay in the heavens.

When the three men met, no words were exchanged. They all knew what the others knew.

The raised their hands to the air, releasing the good and evil within their hearts, leaving only the Ark.

God could sense it, and he became enraged that mere men were unleashing his power.

He sealed them into one body. Using Cen as a conduit, God fused Falch and Gwyth into one soul, pushing them into Cen’s body.

Cen’s mind and heart broke, and his spirit was stuck in between that of Gwyth and Falch’s.

No one knows what happened after that, but some suspect that Cen still wanders the world, searching for a way to split his souls.


Struck to the core, and down on one knee I’m left with no choice.

Allow me to take off the mask and reveal myself for what I truly am.

I’m a human.

I make mistakes.

I hurt.

And I’m sorry for that but what more can I do?

What more is possible for me to salvage that which is dead?

Like they always said, flames always go out.

Every voice and soul in my head screams to be let out! They pound and pound and never cease!

But I hold them back.

And now they’ve gone silent.

Which is worse? The deafening silence or the incessant screaming?

Either way, it does not matter.

Because, as I lay on the ground, cold, and the life slowly trickling out of me, I finally understand what it means to have your heart break into a thousand pieces.

All I wanted was power.

All I wanted was to finally have peace in my mind and solace in my heart.

In death I shall find it.

I sought the Ark. I sought knowledge. I tried to become a god.

But much like Icarus, I got too close to the sun, and my wings erupted in flames.

So I journeyed through hell and heaven alike.

But it was fruitless.

So I tried to set up a wall. I tried to shut everything out.

It worked.

No one would come close enough to hurt me. And no one could.

But it came time for the wall to be torn down. And there they all were, standing there, bombarding me.

With the wall’s collapse, I lost all sense of sanity I had left.

I was exposed before my peers whom I had hidden myself from for all these years.

And now they all know what I am.

They all know who I am.

From my wretched heart burst forth hatred and anger directed at you, directed at everyone.

Those primal emotions manifested themselves and took on my countenance, hurting others.

All I could do was sit back and watch, trying, crying to rebuild the wall.

I ran.

I tried to get away from everything, putting on the mask and changing my name.

It didn’t work.

Their faces still haunt me.

What I did still haunts me.

But who cares?

Because now I die. Now I can finally be at peace.

I can let go of all those regrets and pains, forgetting about what I did.

The joke is on you. You who wields the hand of God so self righteously.

You should know what I found.

The truth about God and this world.

You see, it’s…


A wealth of knowledge.

It was born from darkness.

It was born from nothing.

It was born from the collective hate and sadness of humanity.

The Ark is inescapable.

It knows and sees all without a mind or eyes to see.

It exists within us all, waiting, hoping to be unlocked.

It can show you your future.

Contained within this darkness is that forbidden fruit of Eden.

Contained within that darkness is eternal knowledge.

So lead me to it.