Words I Can’t Say

I lost the ability to write to today.

The anger and hatred washed it away.

So here are the words I cannot say:

I’m a failure

I cannot write

I cannot rhyme

I have no hope

I’m basically out of time

So what’s the point of going on?

Without words

Without song.

All melody has left this heart

And all that’s left is me

A shattered man

Broken where he stands

And he knows it’s hopeless to try and go on

But something just keeps him on that path

Something wants him to go through God’s wrath

Is it destiny or is it love?

Is it fate or is it some angel up above?

No one can know and no one can see

Except for the king: The one who bleeds.

Born to Rule

I walked through the night, ignoring the passerbys that stared at me.

Finally, I reached the castle. It was a magnificently plain thing: one tower but as tall as anything.

I stood in front of it, letting the wind flow through me.

The realization hit me: this was my destiny, my dream.

I was destined to walk these woods forever, marvel these vivid flowers and take reign over this magnificent world.

But, most of all, I knew I could never leave for that would mean the destruction of my dream.

A dream I have cultivated and shaped as my own.

The dream to rule.

I hope you understand; I can never leave.

I was born to sit upon this throne.


A sharp pop, and shards of bone and skin flew everywhere, blood dripping from the wound. Matthew’s head snapped back with the force, and his already glazed eyes, once a cold gold, rolled back into their sockets. Vivus let the pistol drop from his hand, looking down at the figure of his brother. Tears began to gently cadcade down his cheeks, and Vivus raised his head to the clouded night sky. Yet, he did not howl, he did not scream; he just stood there with a placid smile on his face.

They were gone now, all of them: mother, father, and Matt. Dead. He would not snap, not while Alex and Kaylee were still alive. Vivus’ eyes began to burn, but he chalked it up to the tears. The burn turned to an itch, a crazy, ant bite itch. Vivus began to furiously rub at his eyes, grunting in pain. Energy. It released itself from every orifice on his body, creating a shockwave.

Vivus looked down in shock; his entire body was surrounded by a violet aura. Then, as quickly as it came, it left. Falling to one knee, Vivus breathed as heavy as if he haf run a full marathon. Whatever massive force had run through his veins, it had retreated. Slowly rising to his feet, Vivus smiled again for he knew this new power would allow him to protect those who remained. Ultimately, however, he knew he’d fail.


I walked alone down that black road, head bowed.

I could hear voices in the dark getting louder by the second; they were closing in on me.

Suddenly, hands clapped my shoulder, and people were smiling at me.

They were here. My friends. The dark did not seem so frightening anymore, and I carried on with them.

A smile played upon my face as all thoughts of Defeat melted away.

I remembered I was never alone. I knew that these people would always help me.

I knew I’d never have to suffer heartbreak.

Dedicated to: Parker, Daniel, and Stephen.

(PS: Sorry for the cheesiness)

Unfortunate News

Well, folks, some of you may have noticed I said I’d post DW2 on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday. There have been a lot of complications recently.

I apologize for the lateness. Don’t expect this to ever happen again. Moving onto my news, it would appear as if the right side of my ribs are severely bruised to the point of near fracture. It’s seriously painful to move and even breathe sometimes.

But not to worry! I’ll be back in no time and Dreamwalker can continue.

Thank you for your patience,


Every time.

It has to be raining, but it wasn’t just a downpour, it was a tempest.

At first, I felt nothing. Nothing was wrong, and I drove away in a haze not fully realizing the situation.

Then, as I sat aroung watching some great games and laughing and smiling, it hit me.

And I had to do it I had to put on the facade again, and it hurt.

Now, I sit back here, hiding behind my false happiness, writing this.

It’s sad, yes, but I’ll be fine. I’ll take The False One’s hand and we can create together.

I’ll live in an endless fantasy, forever seeing visions of my past and looking toward an unknown future.

I’ll be stronger than ever; I’ll allow Creation to take control, and I’ll take my rightful place as the King of Words.

The tempest has subsided now. The storm is over.

These tears will not fall. This rain will not come down. This Defeat will NOT weigh heavy on my shoulders!

Unforeseen Delays

Well, friends, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Dreamwalker 2 is going to be put on hold until tomorrow due to unforeseen World Cup type delays. It’ll be published then.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ll make it up to you few fans by giving you a sneak peak at Episode 3.

My apologies,
Davis Gwynn, the King of Words