You Left Your Necklace

Your body had lain there just moments ago, our hands clasped, the TV going.

I saw you as my eyes blinked, drifting in and out of sleep. Your eyes. Your beautiful, sharp eyes were what I saw last.

And when you rose to leave, I awoke, heart feeling as if it were breaking.

I knew you’d be back and that I’d see you in just a day or so, but hours, in my mind, were years.

You leaned over to me, saying you had to go. Saying that if you needed me you’d shout.

In the haziness of my mind, a haziness caused by the collision of dream and reality, I heard you whisper.

My mind might have confused itself with my heart for I heard you say the three words that could wrench a man’s soul from his body or mend it.

I clung to that most likely false memory.

Words failing me, I tried to ask you to come back, but my tongue would not permit it.

So I fell back asleep, dreaming that you were still there next to me.

And I awoke once more, in a panic, in a frenzy thinking it had all been a dream. When I looked over, I saw that you had left your necklace.

I picked it up as if it were your own heart, and I looked at it, comforted.

Tainted Blood

The streets are empty and hallowed.
Anyone left with any sanity are locked away behind their doors

Others hunt us down, seeking the blood inside our veins, seeking the beasts they think we are.

But their minds are gone and mine will soon follow if I don’t continue on.

So I undertake this transfusion, raging against the dying of the light.

It burns. It corrupts.

I have no choice left but to undertake the hunt and end this night.

And as day draws near, the nightmare intensifies.

Are there any others? Is there anyone left to hunt with me? Or am I be cursed to experience this dream all alone?

They said that we were born of the blood, crafted by the blood, and killed by the blood.

But I live to find an end to the blood.

High and Far

We started as kids
Not knowing what we wanted to do

Not knowing who we were.

All we knew is that we had to leave.
All we knew is that we had to learn.

So we traveled High and Far
We traveled in search of ourselves

Along the way, we got beaten down
And abandoned

But, at the end of every day, we still had each other

Through bad haircuts, bad judgement, and terrible jokes

We could sit around that jungle gym and laugh despite the bruises, cuts, and pain.

Even when our glorious journey ended
Even when we thought that was all

We kept meeting.
We kept laughing

We laughed in the face of danger
And despair.

And I was never so proud.

Will of Fire

They clashed. Their screams echoed over the world. With their cries of pain and anguish, animals died, men cried, and children covered their ears. Yet, one stepped forward to seal the dueling dragons away. The king of those long forgotten people sealed them in a pit, hoping their war would never be brought back to this world. But of course, man is curious, and soon they’d be released.

This time was different. The Red Dragon flew up high above its White counterpart, diving down at it with a ferocity unmatched by any man or animal. And so it was that the White Dragon was cast down. Those villagers looked to the Red Dragon as a God. They saw it as a symbol.

And it was there that the Will of Fire was born.

Through no cunning.

No Wisdom.

Nothing but bravery and will

And a ferocity matched only by that of Y Ddraig Goch himself

They triumphed.

They formed their own land.

They knew victory and power.

So it would forever be that no man, nor woman nor child should ever give up.

No one would die on their knees!

All would live as equals, bound together by a Will of Fire.

They all knew that to give up would be to admit defeat.

And we’d rather die than surrender.

Our hearts are surrounded by the eternal flame of that great Red Dragon, and, with every beat, we feel those flames lick at our hearts.

And that keeps us moving on.

It’s Physically Impossible

Love is rare. It is a resource more highly coveted than oil, more scarce than diamonds, and more treasured than gold.

I can’t say I’ve ever really found it.

Sure, I’ve seen it peek its head nervously out of another’s heart only just to peek out and retreat back in.

Of course, I’ve written about it, read about it, and, most importantly, felt it.

But I’ve never held it in my own two hands.

Even more mythical than love is love at first sight.

And, yet, somehow, I found it.

But it’s not possible! It couldn’t be. Even though you may be the most gorgeous sight on this planet

Even though you might make my heart freeze with anticipation and fear

Even though your words flow smoothly and work their way onto a page with such ease that it blows me a way,

It can’t be true.

Though I once had fallen from grace, you show me that the way back up to the top is not so far away.

Though I once thought me invincible and a God amongst others, you show me I am no better than the rest.

You humble me.


Bring me back home.

Take me back to the sprawling fields, the hills that stretch to the coast.

Take me to the place that knows no war, no anger, and no hatred.

Take me home.

I wish to go to a place where there are more sheep than people, where the national sports are futbol and rugby.

I wish to go to a place where I’m always proud, always happy.

I miss the Magnificent Red Dragon.

I miss my home.

I miss Wales.

No Title Can Express My Hate

I’ve never understood the true nature of emotions. I know that I have them; I know that sometimes I wish I didn’t.

When I look at you, someone I used to feel so strongly for, I wonder how I could hate you. It was fine that you wasted my time, and it was fine that you left me…but you should have told me how you felt instead of just breaking my heart.

“So why,” I yell at you, “Why didn’t you just come out and say it?! Why were you such a coward?!”

But you never face me. You never meet my gaze.

“Why didn’t you want me,” I whisper, walking up to you and grabbing your shoulder.

As I turn you around, I can see you’re crying, but that only makes me hate you more.

I never wanted to hate someone especially not you, but I feel as if I have to.

Because if I don’t I’ll just love you again.

Don’t forgive me if I fight him. Don’t ignore the fact that I hate you both. I don’t care if you still care about me.

….but I do. I desperately want you to come back.

Maybe all I need is a hug and a voice in my ear saying that it’s all okay.

But I don’t have that luxury. So I’ll have to stick up for myself. I’ll have to be strong on my own.